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Please Help Us! 
If you have items that you are no longer using, but they are still good, we will place that Item in another School District so it can Keep Working!
And Thank You for keeping Good Items Out of the Land Fills!

Children in School Bus

We are a Warehouse and Surplus Management Team! 


Our Team helps you to manage your warehouse by reducing items no longer needed, resulting in footprint recovery to help run your business the way it was intended. 


We want to Help School Districts by Taking Good Workable Items and Place them in other Districts that can continue to use these items.  Before items are placed in other Schools, we do our best to ensure they work as they should. If a problem does exist, no worries, we will refund or replace the items. 



We currently have 1283 School Districts, Insurance Agencies, Adoption Agencies, Businesses, Universities, Banks and Municipalities.  in the State of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and the Northern Section of Texas that we are working with!

Thank You to our Partners!

We would love to Partner with your School District or Business and help give you Space Back needed to grow your Business!

We are just a phone call away! Let us come meet with you to explain how our system works and how easy it is for you!

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